Marth Becktell

  • Program Supervisor, Digital Arts, Computers/IT
  • University of New Mexico
  • Website:

I am the Program Supervisor for Digital Arts, Computers/IT at the University of New Mexico, housed within the Continuing Education Department of Extended Learning University. I have always been engaged in thinking about how we make decisions; how we learn; how pedagogy relates to learning; and how our diversity in language, cultural, heritage, race is considered in this mix. I care about knowledge generation today - what that looks like and how the human spirit is within that. I am the former Museum Director of the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in ABQ and one of the lead designers of the college and community engagement component of Amy Biehl High School also in ABQ. I worked in Dine College in its formative years in Developmental Studies and eventually as part of a research team that attempted to bring Navajo teachings and values into the Nationwide school system. Today I love being in a learning and doing environment that calls upon all of us to understand and use technology at our and its finest. I am interested in exploring the roles of the academy and lifelong learning as partners. and I am propelled by collaborations that impact the human spirit with their creativity and purposefulness.