Create A Humanities Storyboard in PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia includes 120,000 digital resources from trusted PBS producers like NOVA, Nature, American Experience, and PBS NewsHour. It also includes quality content from partners like The Smithsonian, The Library of Congress,  National Archives and many more.

Learn how to search, share and save your favorite resources. Bring a laptop so you can get started with your own FREE account.

Then you will design a storyboard. Using digital media to investigate  themes like colonialism, human rights, or ethnic conflict. Maybe you would like to explore the struggles of migration, life in borderlands or the American search for identity.

A storyboard could look at the importance of documenting and preserving history, including “hidden histories” (like forced labor in the American South), while also considering different methods of historical interpretation. Or you can ask the question, “Is humanity naturally warlike and hard-wired to kill or is war perhaps a cultural construct”? Show various views using video, audio and primary sources to make your case.

All of this and more can be discovered and organized using PBS LearningMedia teacher tools.


  1. Overview of PBS LearningMedia
  2. Sign up for your Free Account
  3. Tutorial for Story Board Teacher Too
  4. Hands on StoryBoard creation activity.




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